Debaters Without Borders is a one hour documentary about one man’s quest to help students in Cameroon improve their debating skills in the midst of dealing with a national crisis.
Fueled by the death of his mentor who first brought him to Cameroon in 2013,
DWB tells the story of Morehouse Professor Ken Newby’s return to the country in 2017 to prepare Cameroonian students for the largest and most important debate competition in Africa.
 Pan-African Universities Debating Championship (PAUDC).  
The competition was attended by students from twelve different African nations.
Prof. Newby also serves as one of the Chief adjudicators for the tournament.
While PAUDC offers African Debaters the opportunity to determine the best team on the continent, it also facilitates a critical intercultural exchange between African Debaters who were historical victims of colonialism, which continues to impact the Debaters. DWB highlights the challenges faced by all African debaters today seeking to acquire the critical thinking skills necessary to address deep policy challenges of the continent.  Strong voices are forged from a unique experience depicted in the film.  DWB offers a small window into a world of the struggles of African debaters.
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